NUPEI | Núcleo de Pesquisa em Energia e Infraestrutura

In Company Courses

The NUPEI promotes training of human resources for companies and institutions in related areas. These courses can be developed to meet the specific needs of enterprises. The topics cover all areas of performed research, and related topics. This training can be performed both on PUC-Rio campus as customer premises.

Some of the companies that have been assisted by NUPEI´s staff of researchers are:

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Valuation and Real options

Concepts and practice of Valuation: Cash Flows and evaluation criteria. Evaluation of environment uncertainty. Cost of Capital. Project Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. Application of Real Options Methodology  to energy and infrastructure projects. Introduction to Stochastic Processes. Option pricing using Monte Carlo simulation. Real Options in Discrete Time. Determining the volatility of projects. Real Options in Continuous Time.

Energy Finance

Economic and financial appraisal of Energy Projects. Energy derivatives, forward and futures markets, options and swaps. Application of Real Options in Energy. Market rules and Electricity trading. Applied Quantitative Methods in Energy Finance. Stochastic optimization, simple regression and multivariate analysis. Evaluation of Energy Companies. Mergers and Acquisitions in Energy. Governance and investor relations.

Ambiente legal e operacional da empresa. O valor do dinheiro no tempo. Fontes de capital de long prazo: Avaliação de Títulos e Ações. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) e custo de capital da empresa. Risco, retorno e valor. Critérios para avaliação e a decisão de investimento de capital. Análise de risco de projetos: Cenários, árvores de decisão e modelos de simulacao de Monte Carlo. Estrutura de capital, politica de dividendos e limites de endividamento.

Corporate Finance

Legal and operational environment of the company. The value of money over time. Sources of long-term capital: Bonds and Stocks Assessment. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and cost of capital. Risk, return and value. Criteria for evaluation and capital investment decision. Project Risk analysis: Scenarios, decision trees and models of Monte Carlo simulation. Capital structure, dividend policy and debt limits.

Risk Management

Statistical Inference. Population distributions and sampling distributions. Probability. Econometrics. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression. Time Series. Optimization Applied to Risk Management. Dynamic programming. Derivatives and Risk Management. Option pricing models. Exotic derivatives. Portfolio and Market Risk Management. Enterprise Risk Management. Topics in Risk Management: Energy, Real Estate Market and Actuary.

Electric Energy Management

Economic and Financial Appraisal of Energy Projects. Market Rules and Electricity Trading. Trading Convention (REN 109/04). Institutional Aspects and Overview. Regulation of Generation. Fundamentals of Economic Regulation. Transmission and Trading. Generation Technologies and Innovation. Programs of Innovation Management. SIN Operation. Management and Regulation of Distribution. Renewable: Planning, Management and Evaluation.

Evaluation of PPP Projects

Project Valuation: discounted cash flow and other traditional methods. Cash flow of relevant projects. Cost of capital and the CAPM model. Risk analysis in projects. Project Finance and funding structures. Private investment in public infrastructure projects. The role of government guarantees in the feasibility of projects. Risk to the Government and the private sector. Advanced metrics for assessment and pricing of risk in PPP. Examples and applications.